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I have created this site as a space to curate the best Animation on the web. As an Animation student I am always trawling the internet for inspiration and am constantly discovering incredible videos worth sharing, so what better way than to put them all in one place for your delectation!?

My tastes are eclectic, leaning more towards innovative 2D or stop-motion I suppose. I also particularly like stuff with a ‘hand-made’ or sketchy feel to it. But frankly I’ll like anything if it’s good!

If you wish to recommend a video or submit some of your own work, please drop an email with details, and ideally a Vimeo link and a still image to adam@animationspotter.com.

Coming Soon… The Animation Spotter Podcast, featuring interviews with animators and others working in the industry.

Plans are also in the pipeline for Interviews, competitions and events, so keep a look-out.



Einar Baldvin29th March 2013 3:05 am

Dear editor,

I would like to bring your attention to my animated short, Baboon, in the hope that you will feature it on your excellent website:


WIth kind regards,

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