15 Feb 2014

Garrett Lee Robinson “Not Today”

09 Feb 2014

Franny and Zooey – Remember (Being Fake)

09 Feb 2014

Illusionite / Hypnotized

02 Jan 2014

Trip by VJsuave

22 Jul 2013

“Everything is Fine”

04 Jul 2013

“Modern Dance” Short

Really nice little dance film made predominantly with stop-frame cut-outs. I’m going to try this myself, I like it!

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11 Jun 2013

Don Hertzfeldt’s ‘It’s Such A Beautiful Day’

Here’s a really special treat for you animation fans! Don Hertzfeldt has released his feature ‘It’s Such A Beautiful Day’ on Vimeo’s On-Demand service – it’s just $2 to watch or $6 for digital download. I got the download and for $6 it will get more than it’s worth in re-plays. I cannot hype this film enough; it is my favourite animated feature since ‘Mary and Max’ and is instantly in my top 10. It is technically and creatively innovative, but more than that, it is surreally poignant, genuinely moving, and darkly comic. It’s a masterpiece. Basically just watch it. Now.

If the embed doesn’t work you may need to access directly at https://vimeo.com/ondemand/itssuchabeautifulday/60784253.

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09 May 2013

“The Pub” Short by Joseph Pierce

I’ve been away from this site for some time, but am back in the driving seat and will be continuing to bring you the best in animation here from now on – and what better way to get back into it than to share with you this brilliant short film by Joseph Pierce?! I featured the trailer on here a while back, but it is now available in full, after justly winning a multitude of awards the world over. I absolutely love this mixed-media rotoscope style. It’s one I have practiced and studied myself, but this is an exemplary piece. Director’s Notes published a great interview online with Mr. Pierce which can be viewed here. I’ll be keeping an eye out on what he does next an no doubt this won’t be the last you see of him – rumours are he has a feature in development, which I very much hope is true!

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09 Oct 2012

“Collapsing Cooling Towers” Short

Really amusing little short, and a fun example of 3D composited onto a video background. It’s interesting how sometimes just a little animation can be added to a video to change the way you look at something quite mundane or ordinary and give character to an inanimate object.

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01 Oct 2012

Alienatio Video Christmas Card

Many companies, especially in creative fields, will create seasonal videos to wish their clients happy new year or whatever – but I’ve not seen many which stand up as good as this. It’s simple, yes, and doesn’t have a narrative, but is innovative, visually great and highly atmospheric (helped by the fantastic soundtrack). In under 2 minutes, this piece really creates an imaginative and beautiful world.

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