11 Jun 2013

Don Hertzfeldt’s ‘It’s Such A Beautiful Day’

Here’s a really special treat for you animation fans! Don Hertzfeldt has released his feature ‘It’s Such A Beautiful Day’ on Vimeo’s On-Demand service – it’s just $2 to watch or $6 for digital download. I got the download and for $6 it will get more than it’s worth in re-plays. I cannot hype this film enough; it is my favourite animated feature since ‘Mary and Max’ and is instantly in my top 10. It is technically and creatively innovative, but more than that, it is surreally poignant, genuinely moving, and darkly comic. It’s a masterpiece. Basically just watch it. Now.

If the embed doesn’t work you may need to access directly at https://vimeo.com/ondemand/itssuchabeautifulday/60784253.

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09 May 2013

“The Pub” Short by Joseph Pierce

I’ve been away from this site for some time, but am back in the driving seat and will be continuing to bring you the best in animation here from now on – and what better way to get back into it than to share with you this brilliant short film by Joseph Pierce?! I featured the trailer on here a while back, but it is now available in full, after justly winning a multitude of awards the world over. I absolutely love this mixed-media rotoscope style. It’s one I have practiced and studied myself, but this is an exemplary piece. Director’s Notes published a great interview online with Mr. Pierce which can be viewed here. I’ll be keeping an eye out on what he does next an no doubt this won’t be the last you see of him – rumours are he has a feature in development, which I very much hope is true!

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28 Sep 2012

“Belly” Short Film by Julia Pott

Yes! Online at last after doing the rounds on the festival circuit (to much well-deserved success) is ‘Belly’ by Julia Pott (who’s work I have already featured here previously). A British animator now living in NYC, ‘Belly’ is her RCA graduation piece, a quirky and tender story about a boy learning to grow up and leave some of his childhood behind. Dreamlike and with a distinctly unique style, this short starts what I imagine will be an incredible career! She has just been named by Filmmaker Magazine as one of this years ’25 New Faces’ of up-and-coming talent, too. Kudos!

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16 Jun 2012

Louise Attaque “Du Monde Tout Autour” Music Video

Love it; combining a slightly surreal sketchy style of drawn animation with a fantastic sense of rhythm, and a cracking song, this is one of the best music videos I’ve seen for a long time!

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01 Apr 2012

“The External World” by David O’Reilly

Well. You must have been wondering how long I could go without posting this. A true favourite, and one which has garnered quite the cult following for it’s surreal abstract awesomeness. In many ways absolutely nonsensical, and in many others a wholly considered animation piece. Whether you like it or not, you can’t deny it’s compulsive and mind-bending viewing. An insight into the warped genius that is David O’Reilly.

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29 Mar 2012

Parov Stelar “Jimmy’s Gang” Music Video

Not many music videos are this great, and conveniently neither is much music. Rather than a narrative piece here, it’s more a collection of animation ‘samples’ cut together to the music creating something frenetic and just cool! Combining rotoscope and drawn animation, with some wicked surreal backgrounds. A sumptuous visual experience. Animated by Drushba Pankow.

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29 Mar 2012


A truly heartwarming little gem this one, written and directed by Christopher Kezelos and produced by Christine Kezelos (Zealous Creative). Thoroughly deserves its’ string of awards and nominations, and then some. For more info, go to www.zeroshortfilm.com. For those that way inclined, you can even see a behind-the-scenes video at www.vimeo.com/8452412.

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28 Mar 2012

Flogging Molly “Float” Music Video

Made by the inimitable Karni and Saul, this promo is a superlative example of mixed-media filmmaking. The combined use of beautifully shot Live Action environments and a nigh-on perfectly rendered digital character is simply mesmerising. Expect more work from these guys to pop up on Spotter. In the meantime: www.sulkybunny.com

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