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mission statement

as of january 2017, tree tunnel will be governed by the following mission statement which sets out our aims and targets for our working practices as our business grows:

we pledge... that we will be committed to diversity and representation when making any new relationships with collaborators or employees, with particular emphasis on encouraging and promoting equality of gender, race and sexual orientation, and those with physical or mental health difficulties.

we pledge... that we will never engage in the common media-industry practice of employing anyone's services unpaid on any commissioned job - if we are getting paid, our staff will get paid, and will always be offered either a fee or percentage, and be paid in a timely manner.

we pledge... that we will be fully transparent with all new clients with respect to costs, that all quotes can be itemised upon request, and that all costs billed to clients will be made clear in communication with them before undertaking of work.

we pledge... that we will be continuously conscious of ethical and sustainable procurement in our supply chain management, in everything from equipment purchases, through banking choices, to service providers and partners.

we pledge... that we will never partake in excessive employee remuneration, and that when the time becomes appropriate for us to formally incorporate our business, we intend to write non-profit status into our articles of association, to trade as a social enterprise and/or b-corporation.

we pledge... that we will consider all new business opportunities and practices against the aims of this mission statement, and endeavour to uphold these standards wherever possible.